add Armenia to country list

Discussion in 'Bug Report & Discussions' started by mohsen, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. mohsen

    mohsen New Member

    Armenia country isnt to location list.

  2. FareJade

    FareJade Member

    There is a lot countries missing in the script. They will not add them there. You have to do it yourself in the Json script which a very cumbersome way of adding countries. Looks like a lot of hard-coded items in the script. Good Luck.
    I am checking out EICRA now. I am about tired of PHPTRAVELS.
  3. talal

    talal New Member

    EICRA it's b a d
    phptravels it's have more features than EICRA but there many company out there but you need to spend a lot of money
  4. FareJade

    FareJade Member

    That is not true. I have been trying EICRA phptravels and it has 100% more features than PHPTRAVELS. EICRA support does your request the way you want without charging unnecessary money for it. They can even modify a feature for you without unnecessary charges. If they charge you, they will deliver. It takes time to understand their script. When you did, it is a very easy and feature rich system to use.
    I am getting tiered of everything. I might end up hiring a real developer to build my web site according to my own specs.
    Now PHPTRAVELS went in and upgraded my restored 5.4 and left it with the ugly v6 upgrade. Just frustrated, tiered, upset and very angry to have website out of business with all advertisement going on.

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