Bugs Found After the Latest Update! (5.3)

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    1. When specifying dates in Hotel Room Check in and Check out dates "UPDATE" button doesn't work
    2. When A hotel room is booked it's not showing on the hotel rooms list (It must show the room but worn or notify the user that the room is busy or booked for given period).
    3. (From admin panel) When specifying Minimum Stay for example 5 days the room disappears from the front end
    4. There is no ability specifying monthly price for hotel or for cottage. (Your system only calculates daily price) it must have an option where i can specify prices by month. (discount like www.airbnb.com does)
    5. Hotel Contact not displayed (I submitted the data, but can't find it on the site)
    6. from hotel listing on "view on map" All hotels aren't displayed.
    7. When opening a Hotel page and when i have turned on the function "Related Hotels" from admin and when click "view on map" all the given hotels are there, but the main hotel must have different color or mark, because users are confused.
    8. how to make top hotel destination, top customer rated and Offer to be displayed on front page as you have here in your old version of your web-app (http://web.archive.org/web/20150615042327/http://www.phptravels.net/)
    9. On the hotels list on left filter panel the data is not filtered automatically. (When checking the options then i have to click search button to get the filtered result) It must be auto-filtered!
    10. Problem with watermarks: If i have already uploaded the images and want to add the watermark, it doesn't work.. I have to remove all the images and upload them again.
    11. I found the weather folder and how can i config it to a site, I need that weather info displayed as well.
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    your posr articles says " bugs found " but when I came to read I found 99% of your content is new requirements
    please update the title of your post and post your feedback so that we can share with our developers

    thank you

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