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  1. mohsen

    mohsen New Member

    multi language websites structure

    Ex1 :
    Ex2 :

    phptravles is multi language, but i cant add keyword and description for each language.

    this is very important for linkbulding ..., eaech content (Hotels, Cars, Blog ...) add to language URL

  2. Uzenmi

    Uzenmi Member

    Yes, it is very important. And the url slug of modules did not show foreign characters correctly. All are very very important.
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  3. Lara

    Lara Member

    Correct, we are waiting every time the are not coming updates,, and the ean is still not fixed al long time i think time for another company you can see every time phptravels have 75% discount for script they cannot sell any more i think phptravel is now dead. there are many peoples say there are bug 80% will this company not fix or they have not good coder.
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  4. Admin

    Admin Member


    thanks for your suggestions we will try to improve the URLS for better in near future.
    rest it is opensource script you guys can play with the code and modify them according to any of your needs.

    we have done almost basic SEO and its optimized for all search engines including facebook post and share.
    thank you.
  5. Uzenmi

    Uzenmi Member

    Let's do it quickly if you don't want to lose more customers.
  6. Uzenmi

    Uzenmi Member

    Why do you not do it?

    We need
    Permalink url for Hotel, Tour, Car, Offer, Location.

    We need url with title "Hotels in Singapre", not like this with title "Search Results" or "Hotels Listings".

    Are you understand?
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  7. Lara

    Lara Member

    this company will not work, i say 2 month ago for ean search it is still not resolved hotels search will not work... good good good there are many many many function missing.
  8. Uzenmi

    Uzenmi Member

    I also think this company was died.
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