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  1. Ahmad noor

    Ahmad noor New Member

    Hi the new update v 6 its nice and some bugs were fixed, but unfortunately it's not allowed to import database from v5.4, and that will make it useless without a way to import the old version database to new version.
  2. FareJade

    FareJade Member

    I am getting the same issue. When you finally succeed in importing the database it creates double entries in the modules. Now PHPTRAVELS is going to charge me 50 USD to the upgrade.

    Also in CartTRawler module I found the following code in the in cartrawler_lib.php. I think this is incorrect. It is in application\modules\integrations\Cartrawler\libraries

    public $apiUrl = "";
    public function __construct(){
    $this->apiUrl = "http://phptravels.com.co/api/locations.php";

    Please check this. It has a direct effect on the upgrade to v6.

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